Have Play Time At Smothers Park

Children playing in the park

Children playing in the park

Taking the kids to the park is always an exciting adventure for your little ones, but if you’re looking for a fun park outing that gets the whole family involved, plan a trip to Smothers Park in downtown Owensboro.

Lazy Dayz Playground

Smothers Park is located along the Ohio River and has several amenities geared toward children and families. One portion of the park that your children will love is the Lazy Dayz Playground. The Playground consists of several slides, swing sets, a miniature climbing wall, and a whole lot more. There are enough small attractions to keep your little one busy for hours. If you’re planning an all-day play session, there are concession stands and picnic tables available when you need to take a snack break.

Ronald Lee Logsdon Spray Park

As the summer wanes you may want to enjoy a few more days of fun in the sun. What better way to do that than a few hours at Ronald Lee Logsdon Spray Park? You can watch your kids run through the jet streams of water and soak up the sun.

Games on the River

Usually, most of the joy that parents get from a day at the park comes from watching their little ones have fun. At Smothers Park, there are ways for you to get in on the fun as well. Instead of just watching your kids on the jungle gym, your whole family can enjoy playing a giant board game by the river. From May to September the park sets up huge games of checkers, connect four, Jenga, and more. You and your family can pick a game and enjoy an afternoon competing against one another.

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Planning an Event At Smothers Park

Smothers Park isn’t just for fun with the kids. You can also make reservations at some of the park’s beautiful locations and venues. The Overlook at the bottom of Frederica Street has a wonderful view and great lighting that makes it a great choice for a wedding. The Event Lawn and the Allen Street Pavilion have a lot of open space that make them great for corporate events, weddings and parties.

So, whether you are planning an event, or just looking for a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, Smothers Park is the place to go.

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