Do You Need To “Kick The Tires” Of Your Car?

Motorist Kicking Flat Tire On Car

Motorist Kicking Flat Tire On Car

Regardless of your age, you’ve probably heard the phrase “kick the tires.” You might even know what it means or, at a minimum, have a good clue. The phrase has a quirky history. At one time, vehicles and horses shared the same roads. So, the phrase came in handy when an individual ended up with horse poo on the bottom of their boots. To remove it, they walked over to a car and “kicked the tires.” Drivers who witnessed this thought those individuals were checking or testing the car’s tires. Another theory is that when feeling angry or frustrated after experiencing a flat, people would literally kick the tires. Some credit the phrase to truck drivers. After all, they used a metal stick called a “Tire Billy” to determine if the tires had sufficient air pressure by hitting them. As you can see, people can use and have used that phrase for many things. Learn what “kick the tires” means for you.

Kicking the Tires in the Auto Industry

The phrase “kick the tires” has been used to mean several things, however, it’s typically associated with the automotive industry. For instance, if you visit a car dealership, like one from the automotive group Don Moore Automotive in Owensboro, while looking for a car to buy, you’ll have many questions. Not only that, but you’ll want to take one or more cars for a test drive. Both of those things equal the phrase “kick the tires.” In other words, you asked the appropriate questions and tested vehicles before buying one.

Another Way the Phrase Could Relate to Your Car

Today, “kick the tires” is also commonly used for car repairs. That includes tires and a broad range of other things that can go wrong with a vehicle. Specific to the tires on your car, if they’re not rotated once a year as recommended by most manufacturers, they’ll wear unevenly. That could also affect both smoothness and steering.

Here’s another example. If the ball bearings or ball joints of your car go bad, you would need to take it to a reputable service center. There, a certified technician would hoist it to figure out what’s going on.

When either of these issues arises, technicians check whether tires move from side to side in a way they shouldn’t. In essence, by performing an inspection and making a proper diagnosis, the technician just “kicked the tires.”

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Scheduled Maintenance and Repairs

Here’s what it comes down to. To ensure your car drives comfortably, smoothly, and safely, you must stay on top of maintenance. Service includes an oil change, new air filter installation, and tire rotation. If a technician notices excessive wear and tear on any tires, they’ll recommend that you have them replaced.

Again, that doesn’t just apply to the tires but, rather, all aspects of your vehicle. In some cases, there’s a simple solution. Other times, your car might need a major repair.

Remember, maintenance isn’t just about identifying issues with your vehicle. It’s also about preventing problems from arising. “Kicking the tires” is an excellent way to ensure your safety and other drivers on the road. For quality maintenance and repairs, head to Don Moore Automotive in Owensboro, Kentucky.

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