10 Tips On How To Prepare Your Car For Fall


An auto mechanic repairing car engine in garage.

Each season can present its own challenges for your vehicle. As the fall season is well underway, make sure that your car is prepared for the season. In the Garage with CarParts.com has created a list to help you prepare your vehicle for the autumn season.

  1. Check Fluids – It is vital that you check the fluid levels of your car. You will want to inspect the transmission fluid and power steering fluid. Other levels to keep an eye on are the coolant, engine oil, and brake fluid.


  1. Inspect Tires – Be aware of the tread depth on your tires as the fall season approaches. The roads can be slick during the fall, so you want to be sure that you are safe while driving on the road.


  1. Check Lights – As the days get colder, they also get darker. You need to make sure that your headlights, taillights, and brights are all in good condition for the early morning and late evening commutes.


  1. Inspect Wiper Blades – Autumn can bring rain as well as snow sometimes. Check that your wiper blades are ready to handle the weather conditions.


  1. Check Brakes – Your brakes are your last line of defense. Inspect your brake pads and discs to ensure they are up to performing the job of keeping you safe on the road.


  1. Make Sure the Heater is Working – The cool weather is starting to blow in during the fall. You want to stay warm and toasty as you drive, so be sure to check that your heater is working properly.


  1. Attend to Any Outstanding Maintenance – If you have put off any maintenance such as an oil change or fluid replacement, then take the time this season to see that you get your vehicle serviced.


  1. Handle Any Known Problems – If there is any s on your dashboard warning you of some impending service, then use the fall season as an excuse to attend to those maintenance issues.


  1. Properly Store Classic Vehicles – Should you collect classic cars, it is the ideal time this fall to start properly storing your vehicles before winter arrives.


  1. Accessorize for the Fall – Just as you would accessorize your outfit with a scarf or hat for the fall season, you can also accessorize your vehicle for autumn. Easy accessories to acquire are new seat covers and floor mats for the season.

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