Maintain Your Car’s AC System This Season

Maintain Your Car’s AC System This Season

If you’re like many people in Owensboro, KY, you look forward to the arrival of summer. The nicer weather lends to many activities and fun. When you’re riding in your vehicle, this is a time when you’ll crank on your air conditioner. However, if the AC system is having problems, you could be in an uncomfortable situation. Moreover, your health and safety could be at risk. No one wants to be in a vehicle over the summer that has an unreliable air conditioner. Luckily, there are some effective ways you can ensure that the AC lasts longer and does its job well.

Get It Serviced

Firstly, you need to let a professional check out your vehicle’s air-conditioning system. Even if it isn’t currently having problems, the start of summer is the ideal occasion for maintenance and service. A trained technician can evaluate the system and spot any concerns. This inspection can identify areas of trouble before things get worse. This can spare you expensive repairs and the risk of having the AC go out entirely. During a service appointment, the technician will look for leaks or other damage. A technician will diagnose any issues and inform you of what the next steps will be to fix them.

Make Sure to Run It Consistently

Many people drive more in the summer, so running the air conditioner isn’t typically a problem. However, not everyone uses their car more often during these months. For instance, perhaps your summer days are less demanding or include a different routine. If you aren’t going to drive as much this summer, don’t neglect the need to run the AC. Consequently, you should turn it on and run it for about 10 minutes at least once a week. Doing this helps to maintain the gas pressure to ensure that the compressor works well. Turn the fan to its highest setting when you do this.

Recharge the System

Thirdly, recharge the air conditioner often. Plan on doing this about every two years. This will refresh the system with gas and lubricant so that it works properly. You’ll be able to cool your car faster and more effectively when you do this.

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Run the Defrost Mode

Running the AC a lot over the summer has its benefits, of course. But there are potential drawbacks too. For example, there is a risk of mildew forming in the vents. This can cause foul odors and possible illnesses to those who ride in your car. To keep this from happening, run the defrost mode for five minutes a few times a week.

Follow these tips this summer so that your air conditioner doesn’t give you problems. To service your system, bring your vehicle to the technicians at Moore Automotive Team in Owensboro, KY. Stop by today to keep the air conditioner in good shape.

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