The Best Places To Find Bourbon In Owensboro

Bourbon In Owensboro

Kentucky has a reputation for its bourbon. People come from all over the country to drink some of the best bourbons they’ll ever taste. Fortunately, you’re in luck. You don’t have to leave town to find delicious bourbon. You just need to walk out your front door and go to one of these spots in Owensboro.

O.Z. Tyler Distillery

Begin your own bourbon trail with a trip to O.Z. Tyler Distillery in Owensboro. Start with the tour, where you will learn all there is to know about making bourbon. You will see how seriously this distillery takes the process, and that’ll help you understand why the bourbon tastes so good. Speaking of tasting good, the bourbon tasting after the tour is amazing. Be sure to try the honey bourbon. It’s so smooth and goes down easily.

Bulleit Bourbon Bar

Bulleit Bourbon Bar is one of the most unusual spots in Owensboro. This bar is part of the Owensboro Convention Center and has over 40 bourbons available. That includes the famous Bulleit Rye. This is the best-selling rye whiskey in the United States. You can also find some limited vintage bourbons at this bar. The Blade and Bow are probably the most famous of those. It’s only available in Kentucky, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York, and only 2,500 cases are made each year. It’s easy to feel special when you drink a glass of it.

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The Miller House

The Miller House doesn’t just have jumbo lump crab cakes and other delectable dishes. It has a lounge that offers just about any type of bourbon you could want. The Miller House selects its own barrels to bottle, so you can find some one-of-a-kind bourbons inside these walls. All in all, there are more than 600 bourbons and whiskeys here, so you are sure to find something you love. Be sure to gather up some of your friends and head to The Miller House sometime in the near future. You’ll be blown away by all the options.

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