Father’s Day Activities That Your Dad Will Appreciate

man with his son golfers walking on golf course

Every year in June, dad gets a special day honoring him. But each dad is different, with different interests, hobbies, and lifestyles. Fortunately, there are many ways to honor dads, as there are kinds of dads. If you want to forego the Father’s Day tie and do something special, consider activities you and dad can do together. This year, celebrate Father’s Day with some fun activities that dad will appreciate.

Breakfast Buddies

What could be better than waking up to the glorious smells of a home-cooked breakfast? After all, moms aren’t the only ones who love breakfast in bed. Try getting up a little earlier than dad to prepare something delicious. When dad wakes up, you’ll have the coffee brewed and the eggs scrambled. In addition, you could take things up a notch with a yummy steak to go with those eggs. Why not? It’s Father’s Day!

Gone Fishin’

There’s something so peaceful and serene about the act of fishing. With the water, gentle breezes, and natural sounds, fishing can be a relaxing way to spend time with dad on Father’s Day. Try taking dad to his favorite fishing spot. Maybe you can rent a boat on a lake or hike to the local creek. Bring the bait and sunscreen, and you might end up with a Father’s Day neither of you will forget.

Great Golf Game

A day on the links is a dream come true for some dads. And you can make it happen with a bit of planning. First, you may need to book a time at the golf course for a day like Father’s Day. Then round up the golf gear and make sure you get dad to tee time. Of course, some dads prefer the putting green or the driving range. Finally, your dad might not want to go through the full 18 holes. In fact, he might be more of a fan of the miniature golf course. If so, challenge him with a friendly competition.

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Go, Dad, Go

Go-karts don’t have to only be for kids. Challenge dad to a friendly go-kart race or two, and you can both be whizzing around the track and having the time of your lives. In fact, Owensboro locals probably already know about the fun go-kart tracks at Diamond Lake Resort. While you’re there, you can also treat dad to fishing or riding in the pedal boats. And, of course, you’ll want to try out the new drifting track trikes with dad. Finally, grab some grub from the full-service grill to put the finishing touches on a fun-filled day.

All of these activities are versatile, and you can include siblings and other family members. Doing activities together is the perfect gift for the dad who says he doesn’t need anything on Father’s Day. He’ll appreciate the time together and the thought you put into it, and you’ll all end up with a sweet memory, which is the best gift because it keeps on giving.

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