Help Your Kiddo Understand The Game Of Football

father and son playing football in the backyard

To a seasoned football fan in Owensboro, KY, understanding the game comes easily. To such a person, the nuances of the sport make sense, and the flow of the game will not be confusing. However, football can be difficult for some people to understand, especially a child or someone new to the sport. Football has several different positions, complex tactics and strategies, and terminologies foreign to some spectators. If you are interested in teaching your child about this popular sport, there are effective ways to do so.

Start With the Basics

There’s no need to get into complex details right away. Beginning with the basic elements is the right place to start. For example, explain to your child that each team has 11 players on the field at once. One team has the ball, while the other is defending the opponent, trying to prevent a score. Tell your child that the field is 100 yards long with another 10 yards on each end as a zone where teams cross for a score.

Talk about how the team with the ball tries to advance by either running with or passing the ball. Meanwhile, the other team will attempt to tackle the player with the ball. It is also possible for the defending team to intercept a pass or knock the ball out of an opposing players’ hands to gain possession. Explain to your child that the team with the ball has four plays to move forward 10 yards. Doing so results in a first down, which gives the team four more plays to gain another 10 yards.

How to Score

How a team makes points in football can be confusing for a young viewer or spectator. Moving the ball by running or passing into the end zone at either end of the field will result in six points, known as a touchdown. After scoring a touchdown, the team can try a one-point conversion by kicking the ball through the uprights. Or, the team can elect to try for a two-point conversion by moving the ball into the end zone again via passing or running, this time from the 3-yard line.

Kicking the ball through the uprights in a non-after-touchdown-conversion will result in three points. Moreover, the team can score two points, known as a safety, by tackling the opposing team in the end zone it is defending.

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Teach the Skills

Effective football-playing requires developing certain skills and techniques. Teach your child how to throw a football properly and how to catch one. Explain the safe ways to tackle a player and how to block so teammates can run with the ball and avoid being tackled. It is also good to teach the child how to carry the ball properly to avoid fumbling it.

Football can be a heart-stopping game to watch. The more your child knows, the more enjoyable it will be. Talk about these rules and elements before your child watches or plays the game.

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