41st Annual Holiday Forest Festival of Trees

Forest Festival of Trees

Mark your calendars! It’s almost time for the 41st Annual Holiday Forest Festival of Trees. This year’s festival will take place on Nov. 11–Dec. 31 at the Owensboro Museum of Fine Art. The festival will have two exhibits and a gala. If you want to attend the gala, you need to buy a ticket. Friends of the Foundation get tickets for $40, while everyone else pays $50 for tickets.

Get the scoop on this annual holiday festival.

The Exhibits

Let’s begin with the Appalachian Spirit exhibit. It contains 1,000 objects that come directly from the museum’s collection. The objects highlight folk and outsider art. You’ll see works from prominent artists from the twentieth century. It took the museum three decades to build this collection, and it is unbelievable.

Then, there’s the Forest of Trees exhibit. It consists of twenty monumental Christmas trees. These aren’t your standard Christmas trees. Local florists, artists, and other organizations designed both the trees and the decorations. It’s like a huge Christmas art exhibit.

This exhibit complements the Appalachian Spirit exhibit. The Doll Tree, Woven Together Tree, and Scandinavian Sprites Tree are just a few examples of the trees inspired by folk art.

Interactive Art for Schools

Schools can also head to the festival. The festival will host ARTLAND for schools. This is an interactive art studio. The kids can make ornaments for one of the Christmas trees. They can also make ornaments to take home for their own trees. Schools can also go on guided tours of the exhibits, but reservations are necessary.

What if You Can’t Make It to the Festival?

Appalachian Spirit might be one of the festival’s exhibits, but it isn’t coming down when the festival closes. It will remain up until Feb. 4. If you can’t make it to the Holiday Forest Festival of Trees, try to make it to the museum before this exhibit comes down. It will give you a newfound appreciation of folk art.

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