How To Host A Great Christmas Party

Christmas party

Everyone loves a holiday party, but there are some key ways to host a great Christmas party without breaking your budget in this festive season.

All the Trimmings

It is, of course, important to trim the tree — but it’s also necessary to trim your guest list. Remember that you don’t have to send invitations out of a sense of obligation. Instead, put some real thought into what kind of party you want to throw (like whether this should be an all-adults bash or if children are also welcome). And then spend a little more time planning your guest list. You want the vibe of this holiday party to be fun. Finding the right mix of people to invite takes some doing, but it will be worth it in the end.

Spend Wisely

Don’t spend a fortune on holiday décor that you’re only going to use for one night. Instead, use what you already have on hand to create a festive holiday mood. It’s also advisable to skip the fancy invitations and RSVP cards, especially if you’re throwing a low-key bash for family members and close friends. Most people are conditioned now to respond to E-vites or social media invitations. You could also just text your potential guests, but depending on the size of your party, that could become tiresome. Either way, there are much cheaper — and often free — ways to invite folks to your shindig.

Share the Load

Many guests want a way to help the host. They know that planning a party is a time-consuming (and often thankless) task. So when someone asks how they can help, don’t treat their concern as just a courtesy. Early arrivals can help you put the finishing touches on decorating or laying out the food and drinks. Folks who like to stay late can help wash dishes or put furniture back in the right place. And if you want to do the ultimate in sharing the load, plan a potluck. That way everyone can feel like they’ve contributed.

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Be Gracious

The best parties are the ones where the host is engaged and gracious. Even if the party isn’t perfect — even if something goes wrong — your guests will remember how you made them feel. So approach everyone with love and care, because that’s what the Christmas season calls for!

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