Lace Up Your Skates at the Edge Ice Center


Kentucky only has four ice rinks, and one of those is located right here in Owensboro. The Edge Ice Center opened in 2009, replacing the Owensboro Ice Arena. The ice center is open year-round, so you can always go ice skating in Owensboro. Of course, ice skating is even more fun in the winter, so get ready to lace up your skates and have some fun close to home.

Here’s what you need to know about taking a trip to the ice rink.

Don’t Forget the Gloves

Falls happen when you’re out on the ice. Make sure you’re comfortable during a potential fall by wearing gloves. You can also wear some layers to soften the blow if you hit the ice. Dress your kids in warm layers and gloves as well so everyone is comfortable.

Use the Stackable Milk Crates

If your kids are new to the world of ice skating, they can use stackable milk crates. The staff provides these crates for kids to hold onto as they zip around the ice. This is a great way for your kids to learn how to skate without falling.

Meet the Best Staff on the Ice

If you go to the Edge Ice Center, you’re going to be impressed by the staff. The guys and gals who work here are so nice and helpful that you’ll feel like you’re at a five-star hotel. They want everyone to have a great time, and it really shines through. From helping a kid up after a fall to teaching little ones how to skate, the staff goes above and beyond.

Relax on the Warmed Bleachers

Ice is cold. That’s a simple fact. You can handle the cold when you’re skating, but what if you want to relax? The Edge Ice Center has you covered. The warmed bleachers will keep you warm while you take a load off or watch your kids whiz around the ice. You can also cuddle up on the warmed bleachers while you observe the other skaters.

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