How To Best Protect Your Car While Traveling

Man stretches outside car on beach, by sea shore

Owning a car is one of the biggest responsibilities you have. You rely on your vehicle just about every day to transport you where you need to go in Owensboro, KY, and elsewhere. Because of this, keeping up with maintenance and repairs is vital. Cleaning your car will also help it to look nice and perform well. It’s especially critical to pay attention to your car if you live by the ocean. An ocean climate poses some problems, particularly for the vehicle body.

Issues for the Paint

Because the ocean air contains salt, it can damage the exterior of the vehicle over time. Salt does not get along well with the paint and finish of your car. The salty air can cause corrosion and rust. Not only will this affect the appearance of your vehicle, but it can also have other consequences. Untreated, corrosion can cause damage to the body and leave various components vulnerable.

Issues for Car Parts

It’s not just the body that can rust and falter because of the ocean air. Other vital components are at risk too. Salty air can invade the brakes and their related parts. Corrosion here can cause brake failure, which can have severe effects on your safety. Your car has numerous nuts and bolts holding it together. If these start to rust, they can fail, posing challenges for the structure of the car and its many parts and systems.

Don’t Forget the Sand

The ocean air isn’t the only culprit to think about. For example, driving on sand can cause the paint to scratch or chip. Corrosion can also follow. If the sand gets underneath the car, it can damage the vehicle further and affect the performance.

Wash it Frequently

If you aren’t washing your car weekly, now is a good time to start. Moreover, you need much more than a quick wash. Spend ample time to thoroughly clean your vehicle so you can be sure to remove salt and sand. Use soap and soft brushes to clean every part of your vehicle. After you dry it off well, put a coat or two of wax on. This is important because it will give the paint job a protective shield.

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Watch Where You Park

As you drive near the ocean, it will be difficult to keep the salt away. But when you aren’t driving, make sure to park where you can cover your car, if possible. For example, use your garage, if you have one, whenever your car is at home. Park in covered parking whenever you can. If this is unavailable, purchase a sturdy, durable vinyl cover to protect it from the harsh environment.

Doing these steps will help to extend the life of your car. These measures can also keep the paint job looking attractive. The service team at Don Moore Automotive in Owensboro, Kentucky, can help you with any repairs. Stop by today to get your car in tip-top shape.

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