How To Make Your Tires Shine In 5 Steps

Cleaning tires with a sponge to make the tires shine

Don’t forget to give your tires and wheels a little TLC the next time you wash your car. Just like your paint job and your car’s interior, your tires’ appearance can be greatly improved with a little extra attention. You can give your tires a boost with a tire dressing or tire shine product, but there are a few things that need to be done before you can apply it. If you want to try using a tire dressing on your car, follow these steps to make your tires shine like they’re brand new.

Clean Your Tires

The first step to getting tires that look like they’ve just been mounted is cleaning them thoroughly. You can start by using a hose to blast away as much dirt and debris as you can. Next, get a cleaning solution and a sponge to scrub away any residue that is embedded in your tires.

Dry Your Tires

After you have cleaned your tires make sure you let them dry completely. There are a few tire shine products that can be used on wet tires as well as dry tires, but according to professionals, it is best to apply the product once the tires are dry. This minimizes the chances of the product dripping. So use a sponge to remove the majority of the water from your tires, then leave them to finish drying.

Apply the Tire Shine

Now that your tires are dry, they are ready for you to apply the tire shine. First, put on proper protective wear.  If you’re using a solvent-based tire shine you will need to wear gloves. Next,  remember that every tire shine product is different, so thoroughly read the product’s application instructions before you get started. Apply the tire shine accordingly. If you’re using an aerosol product, be careful not to apply it to your brakes because it may damage them.

Let the Tire Shine Sit

The amount of time the tire shine needs to sit varies from product to product, but a general rule of thumb is to let it sit for 10 to 20 minutes. Whatever you do, don’t take off in your car immediately after application. You’ll ruin all of your hard work.

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Remove the Excess Product

To keep grime and road debris from clinging to your tire wipe off any excess product and you’re done. Your tires should look brand new. If your tires have become worn out and need to be replaced instead of cleaned, come by the Don Moore Automotive tire shop and we’ll help you find the right tires for your vehicle.

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