Add Marcella Hazan’s Tomato Sauce To Your Menu This Week

Fresh vibrant red tomato sauce on penne pasta.

Have you ever had a dish of pasta that just seemed to be missing something? Perhaps it was the wrong collection of spices, or maybe the noodles weren’t cooked well. Chances are the sauce wasn’t right, either. A good sauce can turn just about any pasta recipe into a winner. You don’t have to look far for tomato sauce to complement your meal. Make sure you check out this recipe before you start cooking this week.

Recipe Overview

You could spend a lot of time and effort crafting a tomato sauce for your pasta, but these elements aren’t always essential. Sometimes, a quick and simple recipe will do the trick just fine. This tomato sauce with onion and butter gives your dish a sweet taste. It needs only six ingredients and a mere five minutes of prep work and assembling.

What Goes Into it

You won’t have to go to any specialty supermarket to pick out the necessary items for this sauce. You may even have everything on hand already. Set out between 1 pound and 1½ pounds of the pasta of your choice. The options are wide open here. This sauce goes well on spaghetti noodles, linguini, lasagna, penne, rigatoni, and more.

Also, you’ll need 2 pounds of fresh peeled tomatoes and 5 tablespoons of butter. Pick out one medium onion (cut in half) and have some salt handy for seasoning. Don’t forget some freshly grated parmesan cheese to put on top.

Putting Everything Together

Even younger family members can cook this tomato sauce. Start off by putting the tomatoes in a saucepan. Then, add the butter, onion, and salt. Leaving the pan uncovered, you’ll cook the mixture on the stove, simmering it for about 45 minutes. You won’t have to stir it frequently but occasionally do so, making sure to mash any large pieces of tomato. Finish by adding the desired amount of salt and removing the onion and throwing it out. It should provide enough flavor to the sauce, so you won’t have to cut it up and keep it in.

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Time to Enjoy!

Once the sauce is finished, you can serve it with the pasta in a few different ways. Some people prefer to toss the pasta in the saucepan, coating it thoroughly. You can also pour the sauce over the bowl of pasta. Or, you can serve the sauce on individual dishes. Either way, for the finishing touch, make sure to sprinkle the cheese on top before you dig in.

If you’re planning on serving pasta for your next family dinner or date with your special someone, don’t buy sauce from the store. Instead, follow this recipe and make a tomato sauce you can feel good about serving.

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