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Everybody loves a good burger. And unlike the hotly debated foods like pizza, barbecue, and tacos, there’s a generally agreed-upon basis for what makes a burger good. Juicy beef, a perfect bun-to-meat ratio, fresh toppings … of course there are other elements that make a burger sing, but when it comes to quality, these are the points that matter most. There are plenty of places to grab a good burger in and around Owensboro, but we have some that should definitely make your list of go-to burger destinations. Check them out and you might just find a new favorite.

Best Burgers in Owensboro

  • Gary’s Drive-In – This unassuming little burger joint serves up simple but delicious food. Burgers get top honors among regulars here, but they also rave about the shakes, fries, and service. You’ll even find some less-common menu options like a salmon burger, bison burger, turkey burger, and veggie burger. Bring your appetite when you visit; the food is substantial and everything is delicious. One happy customer claims that Gary’s has the “best drive-thru burger in Owensboro hands down.” Says another, “The burgers are like they used to be – patted out and grilled to perfection, slapped on a butter-toasted bun.”
  • Wyndall’s Wonder Whip – For a good old-fashioned burger in a retro setting, you can’t beat Wyndall’s Wonder Whip. Classic menu offerings may not be fancy, but they are consistently delicious. When a restaurant proclaims itself “Home of the Wonderburger,” you know that burger is going to be something to boast about. That’s definitely the case here. According to one customer, “My kids voted these the best burgers they’ve ever eaten!”
  • Burger Theory – This eatery focuses on gourmet, hand-crafted burgers and custom craft beer. Build your own burger from the type of meat to the size and toppings – or choose from the house burger offerings like the Lonestar, with bacon, barbecue sauce, and an onion ring; the Bruben Melt, with Swiss and slaw on grilled rye bread; the Breakfast Burger, with bacon, egg, and cheese; and the Uptown Portobello, which replaces meat with the substantial mushroom and adds caramelized onion and Boursin cheese.
  • Bee Bob’s Classic Diner – The extensive menu at this 1950s-themed diner includes fantastic burgers like the Johnny Cash Burger (topped with barbecue sauce, bacon, and an onion rings), The Hopper (a bacon cheeseburger topped with a sunny-side-up egg), and the Mushroom Swiss Burger.

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