River Valley Cluster Dog Show

Dog Show

What’s better than going to a dog show? How about going to a cluster of them? It’s almost time for the 4th Annual River Valley Cluster Dog Show, and instead of offering a single show, there will be five of them over the span of four days. The shows will take place at the Owensboro Convention Center on Aug. 23 to 26 and are sponsored by the Owensboro River City Kennel Club, the Evansville Kennel Club, and the Southern Indiana Kennel Club. General admission is $5. Seniors and kids under 12 get in for just $3.

Never been to an AKC dog show? Here’s what to expect.

About AKC All-Breed Shows

AKC All-Breed Shows are the most common of the AKC shows. More than 175 breeds can participate in these shows. If you’ve ever watched a dog show on TV, it was likely an all-breed show.

While all breeds can participate, all dogs cannot. The dog must be registered with the AKC and has to be at least six months of age in order to participate.

The dogs and handlers will go through rally and obedience events. The judges will pick the best dog and the best handler.

This dog show will also have an AKC-Sanctioned “B” Match event on Aug. 25. This event is great for novice handlers and puppies. If you’re new to AKC dog shows but are interested in showing your dog in the future, join this event. You will get to try different events, and you will receive immediate feedback. This is an excellent way to find out where you and your pup stand in the world of dog shows and what you need to do to improve your skills.

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Competing? Reserve a Grooming Spot

If you’re competing in the show, it’s important to reserve a grooming spot ahead of time. The grooming spots are limited and are expected to fill up quickly. If you have a grooming spot, you can freshen your pup up before the event.

The River Valley Cluster Dog Show is going to draw in all kinds of people. When you pull up at the event, what do you want the crowd to think? Do you want them to think, “There’s a person who drives a nice car?” Yes? That’s easy to accomplish when you get a new ride from Don Moore Automotive in Owensboro, Kentucky. Pick up your wheels, and great ready to attend these amazing dog shows.

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