We’re Sensing You’ll Love The Honda Pilot

2020 Honda Pilot

When you’re ready to buy a new car, there’s so much to think about. Not just the price and how much you want to pay, but also what you want in a ride. Are you considering a sedan, an SUV, or a truck? What are the most important features to you? And where do you see yourself going in your new ride? But perhaps the most crucial consideration you have to make is safety. Whether you’re just driving yourself or driving your whole family, you want your vehicle to be as safe as possible. Perhaps that’s why the Honda Pilot is such a good choice. It comes with Honda Sensing safety technology that will keep you as safe as possible when you’re out on the road. Check out just what you’ll get with this safety suite!

Lane Keeping Assist

On the highway for a long time? You’ll be able to manage and keep the car steady when you have lane-keeping assist. This feature keeps you safer on the interstates when you’re taking those long trips. It’s a challenge to avoid getting tired and weary of the road, but this technology will help you stay in your lane on even the most extended drives. That gives you the added sense of security you want in a ride.

Collision Mitigation Braking System

You never know when something unexpected is going to happen, causing a frontal collision. These kinds of accidents can be devastating, so it’s essential to do everything possible to prevent them. The collision mitigation braking system in the Honda Pilot does just that. The car can automatically apply the brakes if it realizes that a frontal collision is unavoidable. This feature can save lives, so it’s about as vital as it gets.

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Road Departure Mitigation System

Like lane-keeping assist, the road departure mitigation system will keep you in the correct lane. It will alert you if it detects you’ve crossed over into another lane. This feature is essential in busy city traffic, windy highway roads, and pretty much anywhere you’re unfamiliar with. The Honda Pilot also comes with this excellent feature that will keep you as safe as possible in your car, no matter where you’re going.

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