The Importance Of Cleaning Pollen Off Your Car

Pollen written on Car Windshield

Pollen season can be quite a headache. First, pollen can trigger your allergies, causing you to sneeze through spring. On top of that, pollen can cause major damage to your car’s interior and exterior. Learn more about how pollen can hurt your car, and find out what you can do to protect it.

Exterior and Interior Damage

Vehicles are like pollen magnets during the spring. The sticky substance is acidic and can eat away at your car’s paint if you don’t clean it immediately. Moreover, wet pollen leaves stains behind, causing additional cosmetic issues during the spring.

Pollen can also get into your car through the air filter, leading to additional damage. Along with creating a dirty, pollen-filled cabin, a clogged air filter can make your car less efficient. The engine will have to work harder to push air through the filter, so your car will burn more fuel.

Protect Your Car by Keeping It Clean

Keeping your car’s exterior clean is the best way to fight against pollen. Use a cleaning mitt and automotive soap to wash the exterior, then dry it with a microfiber towel. After your car is dry, apply a coat of wax. The wax creates a layer of protection between the elements and the paint, which is critical.

Finally, tackle the interior of your car. Wipe away any pollen that’s gotten on the dash and seats so it doesn’t fly into the air.

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Change the Air Filter

Generally, the air filter needs to be changed once a year. Also, change your car’s air filter if it’s clogged with pollen. However, you can change it earlier if needed. For instance, change it sooner if you notice a lot of pollen or unpleasant smells in your car. Also, you’ll want to change it if your heating or cooling system is excessively loud or you hear a whistling sound from the intake ducts in the cabin.

The Moore Automotive Team in Owensboro, Kentucky, can help you get your car ready for the spring. Whether you need a new cabin air filter, a tune-up, or something else, schedule a service online. Then bring your vehicle to the service department.

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