Tips On Improving Fuel Efficiency

Gas pumps

Everyone wants to save at the pump, and when the price of a gallon of gas goes up, it can be tough to deal with. Now, summer is just around the corner, which means more travel. Demand will most likely shoot up and, as it usually does every year, therefore the price of gas will probably go up, too. But with these tips on improving fuel efficiency, maybe you can stretch you gas dollar a little further.

Check Online For Prices

There are several sites that offer information on where the best gas prices are around town. GasBuddy, for instance, can give you such numbers. Keep in mind that, as a general rule, stations closer to interstates and highways are typically a little higher.

Obey Speed Limits

Everyone knows that you get better gas mileage on interstates and highways than you do on streets in cities or towns. With all of the starting and stopping, you simply burn more fuel. But on long, open roads, you can cruise along. However, it turns out there’s a sweet spot for gas mileage. That’s right, if you go too fast, you can burn away those savings you get from driving on highways and interstates. Reducing your speed from 75 to 65 or even 55 can have a big impact on how much fuel your vehicle needs.

Pay Attention To Aerodynamics

When you have bicycle racks, rooftop boxes, and other items attached to the outside of your car, it can create drag as you drive. If you remove these items when you are not using them it may lead to better gas mileage.

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Check Your Tire Pressure

Have you checked your tire pressure lately? Your tires lose about one PSI per month. Of course, these days, many cars have indicators that can tell you if your tire pressure is getting low. Still, making sure it is at the right level can save you money. Tires with the wrong pressure can affect performance, longevity, and fuel efficiency.


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