Upcoming Events at the RiverPark Center

Owensboro Symphony Orchestra presents Cosmic Convergence

This outer space adventure will engage the audience through a full-sensory concert experience accompanied by high-definition video and celestial images taken by NASA. Striking pictures of Earth, Mars, Saturn, and more will be projected on a giant screen behind the orchestra. Mozart’s monumental masterpiece the Jupiter Symphony will conclude this epic season finale. Get your tickets for this April 21st event!

Beatles vs. Stones

Who is better? The Beatles or the Stones? You be the judge at Beatles vs. Stones on April 23. Two tribute bands will face off in this adrenaline-filled concert. One band will play hits by the Beatles, and the other will play hits by the Rolling Stones. Listen to all the music and then make your decision. Decide which band came out ahead in this epic showdown.

Musick Studio presents Behind The Musick

Behind the Musick taps into a childhood circus like joy.  It shows us anything is possible, even being a star on an award show. Good stories inspire others to tackle life’s perplexities, to get animated and just work it! Get your tickets for this April 29th event!


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