Ways To Show Love To Your Valentine

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Valentine’s Day is the day of love. Often, we shower our significant other with roses, chocolates, and a nice dinner. These are all great ways to show someone you love them! However, if you are looking for a new way to shower your Valentine in love, Good Housekeeping has five fun ways to spend Valentine’s Day.

Bring a Smile to Your Bookworm’s Face

If you and your Valentine love to read, try spending Valentine’s Day in a bookstore! Pick out books for each other, grab some coffee, and read your new favorites. Or, watch as your Valentine shows you their favorite books, picks out some books they have been eyeing for a while, and fall more in love.

Spend the Whole Day Together

Take the day off of work and spend it together! Stay home and chill in bed, go out to brunch, or spend time doing small-staycation-like things. However you spend your day off together, it will be a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and enjoy time together.

Get Competitive

If you or your Valentine love baking shows, why not make the holiday a little competitive this year by having a bake-off? Get in the kitchen, wear some matching aprons, dance a little to some songs, and see whose dessert reigns supreme! Make it a bit cliché with heart-shaped options, or get into the competitive spirit and try to make the same recipe. No matter how competitive you get, this will be a Valentine’s Day to remember!

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Getting Away

Sometimes, you just have to get away to really enjoy time together. As life goes on, you have kids, work becomes more stressful, the list goes on. Not that you do not enjoy work or love your growing family, but Valentine’s Day is a day to reconnect and show your Valentine how much you love them. If you need a small getaway, try booking a fancy hotel room for the night! Enjoy the plush robes, the warm bath, and order room service to feel removed from the world.

If you have more time and love the outdoors, you and your Valentine can get away by renting a cabin. Get cozy in front of the fire and leave everything else behind to relax and reconnect!



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