Warm Weather Calls for a Trip to Reid’s Orchard

Reid's Orchard
As the weather begins to warm up, people begin to leave their homes and explore the world again. If you’re looking for a place to visit that offers fun for the entire family, consider a trip to Reid’s Orchard. Whether you’re in the mood to eat fresh fruit, grab some... [read more]

Enjoy a Girls Day Out in Owensboro This Weekend

Girls Day Out
You were just saying you don’t get to spend enough time with the girls. The only problem is, you can’t find anything to do with your gal pals. Well, that’s about to change. Girls Day Out is coming to the Owensboro Convention Center on March 24. The event will run... [read more]

Historic Coal Mine Tour

Coal Mine
Have you ever wondered what it was like to work in the coal mines? You know it’s a hard job, but until you see the mines in person, it’s hard to imagine it. That’s why it’s time to don a hard hat and take a coal mine tour at the... [read more]

One Night of Queen

Queen Concert
Freddie Mercury is gone, but he is far from forgotten. Fans of Queen can’t help but reminisce about the rock legend’s command of the stage, and many wish they’d had the chance to see Queen when it was still possible. You might not be able to see Freddie and the... [read more]

See How True Kentucky Bourbon Is Made

Kentucky Bourbon
Bourbon: It’s one of Kentucky’s favorite drinks. Its dark flavor makes it a popular drink around the country, but Kentuckians have a special affinity for the liquor. That’s probably because the state of Kentucky produces some of the best bourbons in the world. Some of Kentucky’s bourbon fame is due... [read more]

Check Out These Local Owensboro Restaurants

Owensboro Restaurants
So, you’re going out to eat. Instead of wasting your money on yet another chain restaurant, why not try something local to the Owensboro area? That way, you can get a taste of the local cuisine all while bonding with friends or family over a meal. Sound like a good... [read more]

The Kentucky Thoroughbreds Call Owensboro Home

Kentucky Thoroughbreds
If you’re a basketball fan, it’s time to get excited. The North American Premier Basketball League has a new team, and it calls Owensboro home. The Kentucky Thoroughbreds are the latest team in town, and they need your support this season. The team has been practicing, so they’re ready to... [read more]

February Events at the RiverPark Center

RiverPark Center Events
A lot of times, during the month of February, people don’t get out much. The weather is still chilly, people are busy at work, and it seems like there’s not much to do. But this February, you should brighten up your month by planning on attending an event at the... [read more]

The Kentucky Sportsman’s Show Returns

Kentucky Sportsman Show
It’s not just another sportsman’s show. It’s the Kentucky Sportsman’s Show, which is one of the most impressive hunting, fishing, and boat shows around. It’ll be at the Owensboro Convention Center on Feb. 2–4, and there are lots of reasons to be excited about this year’s event. Check out some... [read more]

Meet Kyle Schwarber at DingerFest 2018

Kyle Schwarber at Dinergfest
Each year, the people of Owensboro look forward to DingerFest. This annual event brings in some of the biggest names in baseball, and this year’s festival will have one of the biggest names of them all. Kyle Schwarber will be at the Owensboro Convention Center for DingerFest 2018. Schwarber skyrocketed... [read more]