See How True Kentucky Bourbon Is Made

Kentucky Bourbon
Bourbon: It’s one of Kentucky’s favorite drinks. Its dark flavor makes it a popular drink around the country, but Kentuckians have a special affinity for the liquor. That’s probably because the state of Kentucky produces some of the best bourbons in the world. Some of Kentucky’s bourbon fame is due... [read more]

Check Out These Local Owensboro Restaurants

Owensboro Restaurants
So, you’re going out to eat. Instead of wasting your money on yet another chain restaurant, why not try something local to the Owensboro area? That way, you can get a taste of the local cuisine all while bonding with friends or family over a meal. Sound like a good... [read more]

The Kentucky Thoroughbreds Call Owensboro Home

Kentucky Thoroughbreds
If you’re a basketball fan, it’s time to get excited. The North American Premier Basketball League has a new team, and it calls Owensboro home. The Kentucky Thoroughbreds are the latest team in town, and they need your support this season. The team has been practicing, so they’re ready to... [read more]

February Events at the RiverPark Center

RiverPark Center Events
A lot of times, during the month of February, people don’t get out much. The weather is still chilly, people are busy at work, and it seems like there’s not much to do. But this February, you should brighten up your month by planning on attending an event at the... [read more]

The Kentucky Sportsman’s Show Returns

Kentucky Sportsman Show
It’s not just another sportsman’s show. It’s the Kentucky Sportsman’s Show, which is one of the most impressive hunting, fishing, and boat shows around. It’ll be at the Owensboro Convention Center on Feb. 2–4, and there are lots of reasons to be excited about this year’s event. Check out some... [read more]

Meet Kyle Schwarber at DingerFest 2018

Kyle Schwarber at Dinergfest
Each year, the people of Owensboro look forward to DingerFest. This annual event brings in some of the biggest names in baseball, and this year’s festival will have one of the biggest names of them all. Kyle Schwarber will be at the Owensboro Convention Center for DingerFest 2018. Schwarber skyrocketed... [read more]

Lace Up Your Skates at the Edge Ice Center

Kentucky only has four ice rinks, and one of those is located right here in Owensboro. The Edge Ice Center opened in 2009, replacing the Owensboro Ice Arena. The ice center is open year-round, so you can always go ice skating in Owensboro. Of course, ice skating is even more... [read more]

The River City Powersports Show Returns to Owensboro

River City Powersports Show
It’s the biggest motorcycle show in Kentucky, and it’s coming back to the Owensboro Convention Center on Jan. 13 and 14. Yep, that’s right. It’s the River City Powersports Motorcycle Show, and the family-friendly event is a blast. If you’ve never gone to one of these shows, now is the... [read more]

Don’t Miss the Appalachian Spirit Exhibit

Appalachian Spirit Exhibit
The art world can be stuffy. Many artists are professionally trained and use the same types of conventional media to showcase their talents. While their works of art differ from piece to piece, the styles and techniques all seem to be the same. That’s not the case at the Appalachian... [read more]

Get a Jump on Your New Year’s Resolution at These Gyms

Gyms in Owensboro
The holiday season seems to bring on the weight gain. There are all of those leftover turkey sandwiches and freshly baked Christmas cookies to eat, and before you know it, you have to plop on the bed to button your pants. Handle this before it becomes a problem by enrolling... [read more]