5 Reasons To Buy A Pre-Owned Vehicle

Excited young woman accepts new car keys

Owning and driving a brand-new car is exciting for many people in Owensboro, KY. Having all the latest and greatest features at your fingertips can be fun. In addition, knowing your car is new can give you peace of mind, as it is much less likely to have mechanical issues anytime soon. However, new cars aren’t the right option for everyone. There are compelling reasons why you might want to look at pre-owned models instead.

A Good Option for Your Budget

Financially, a car is one of the biggest purchases you will make. Going with a used vehicle makes a lot of sense if you are on a tight monthly budget. Your monthly payment will be less – a lot less in many cases – than if you were to go with something right off the production line. A used car just a few years old will likely cost thousands less than the new model. For example, you can save $100 a month or more by getting a pre-owned car over a new one.

Pay Less in Insurance Costs

Thirdly, insuring a used car won’t cost as much as insuring a new one. Of course, the final figures depend on your driving history, age, and type of car you buy. However, your agent will likely charge less if you drive a pre-owned model.

Lower Fees

You should be aware that the sticker price at the dealership is not what you will ultimately pay. There are always fees that the dealer will add at the time of purchase. These include taxes, processing fees, and other add-ons. The good news is that you can expect these to be lower when you buy a used model.

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Know What You’re Getting

Nowadays, it’s easy to look at a vehicle’s history online. You can see whether it has been in an accident, what repairs it has had, the title status, and much more. Furthermore, you can check out its value by putting in the VIN. This can help you negotiate the sale price at the dealership.

When you are in the market for a vehicle, think strongly about getting something used. Then visit the showroom at Moore Automotive Team in Owensboro, Kentucky. The sales team can help get you into the right model.

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