Make Plans To Spend Your Weekends At Boo Fest All Month Long

Boo Fest

What’s a little scary, a lot of fun, and lasts for every weekend in October? The answer is…

Boo Fest at Diamond Lake Resort!

This festival takes place on Oct. 5 to 6, 12 to 13, 19 to 20, and 26 to 27. By the time you are finished celebrating at this festival, your entire family will be ready for Halloween. Spend the entire weekend at the resort or just stop by for the fun. Either way, you are going to have a spooktacular time at this family-friendly event.

How Creative Are You?

Are you secretly really creative but have yet to find the right medium to showcase your talents? Boo Fest is your time to let that creativity shine.

The pumpkin painting is a fun way to show off that creativity, but the decoration contest is even more fun. You can decorate whatever you want. Decorate yourself by wearing a costume or decorate your vehicle. If you’re staying at the campground, you can even decorate your campsite. This is the time to step outside of the box and show another side of you. Think spooky and fun when it comes to the decorations.

Stuff for the Kiddos

Bringing the kiddos to Boo Fest? You might want to wait until you get there to tell them about it. After all, once they find out there are going to be pony rides, they’ll be bouncing off the walls with excitement. Add in the hayrides and other kid-friendly activities, and they’ll want to come back each and every weekend. It’s a good thing that it’s right here in Owensboro. You can easily go back and forth throughout the month.

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Great Ready to Scream in Fear

Halloween is about thrills and chills, and you will get your fill at Boo Fest. The Fright Night Haunted House is the scariest haunted house in the area. Expect plenty of jump scares as you navigate through this haunted house. Will you make it out alive? Only time will tell. You better put on your running shoes just in case you have to make a break for it.

So, you get out of the haunted house, but the ghouls are still chasing you. What do you do? Can your current vehicle get you out of there safely? You best not leave it to chance. Don Moore Automotive in Owensboro, Kentucky, has the perfect vehicle for you. It’ll help you escape the mayhem at Boo Fest, and it’ll take you everywhere you want to go.

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