DIY Beach Towels For Your Kids

Woman's hat and towel sitting by the pool

Sometimes, the smallest things can turn a standard trip to the beach into a memorable one. That’s certainly the case when you throw these DIY beach towels into your bag. These towels will add some personality to your beach trip and put a smile on your kids’ faces. Plus, they are easy to make, so you’ll have a blast tackling one of these projects.

Mermaid Tail Towels

Do you have a mermaid in the making living in your house? Every mermaid needs a tail, so make these mermaid tail towels for your beach trip. You’ll start with a regular beach towel and follow a pattern to cut out a tail. After, add some ribbon and do a tiny bit of sewing. This towel is a breeze to make, and kids go crazy over it.

Custom Designed Beach Towel

You need a towel, tape, stencils, bleach pen, and pom trim to make a custom-designed beach towel. This is a fun project to work on with your kids. You can put your heads together to decide how to design the towel. Use the tools to transform a plain towel into something fun and creative. If your kids are artistic or have specific ideas of what they want out of a beach towel, this is the ideal project.

Graffiti Beach Towel

Your little ones can also show off their creative sides with this graffiti beach towel project. You need towels, a tie-dye kit, and a plastic table cover for this project. Then use the tie-dye kit to design the towels. This project is so much fun that your kids will be talking about it for years to come.

Shark Hoodie Towel

You usually don’t want to invite sharks to the beach. However, this shark hoodie towel is always a welcome addition to a beach trip, especially since it stays on the sand. You’ll take a bath towel, hand towel, terry cloth, thread, and Pellon fusible interfacing to make a hoodie with a shark fin on top of it. Your little ones will love throwing the shark hoodie towel on after going on a swim. It’s so much fun that they might even want to use it for bath time at home.

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Tic-tac-toe Towel

Who says that you have to keep beach games and towels separate? You can combine them with this tic-tac-toe towel project. You need a beach towel, sharpie, paint pen, spray paint, and a few other supplies to make it. When you’re done, you can use shells to play tic-tac-toe on the towels while at the beach. This will come in handy if you need to keep the little ones on the sand for a bit.

These DIY projects are so easy and fun that you can make them all. After, you’ll have an assortment of towels to use at the beach. They’ll add some extra fun to the experience and look great in photos.

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