Entertain Your Kids This Winter Break

A mother and sun making snow angels

It’s wonderful to spend extra time with your kids during winter break. You probably want to make the most of the few weeks that they are at home around the holidays. You can take a look at this bucket list of winter activities to keep you and your kids entertained this winter.

Cozy Family Ideas

  • Have a pajama day. When you have no classes, no work, and nothing pressing to do, it’s a liberating experience to stay in your pajamas all day long. Buy a family set of flannel pajamas and spend a day cozied up indoors.
  • Relax in front of a fire. No matter where you live, nothing says “its the holidays” like a warm fire and a family to sit around it with.
  • Go for a winter hike. Get bundled up and go traipsing through the trails.

Fun in the Kitchen

  • Make home made hot chocolate. Forget the powdered store brand hot chocolate. Make this delicious Mexican champurrado together for some family bonding time. When it’s done you can grab a few cookies and sip it by the fire.
  • Bake a batch of Christmas cookies. Pick one of these recipes and have fun baking and decorating Christmas cookies. Try to save a few for Santa and his elves.
  • Have a winter time barbeque. Your outdoor grille doesn’t have to hibernate for the winter. Pull it out and fire it up for a winter break cook out.

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Indoor Winter Fun

  • Read a book together. Not only is reading a fun activity you can do inside, reading together can also help keep your children’s minds sharp during the winter break.
  • Have an indoor dance party. Time to use up all the excess energy from all the sugary Christmas treats and sweets. Crank up the volume on your favorite tunes and get your blood flowing with a dance-off in your living room.
  • Have an indoor snowball fight. If it doesn’t snow during Christmas break you can still have a snowball fight. Just grab and indoor snowball kit here and get ready for some fun.

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