Explore Mester Park Zoo And Botanical Garden

Mother with her sons looking at turtle in zooMester Park Zoo and Botanical Garden was opened in 1924 by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and it was Indiana’s very first zoo. Connecting people to incredible wildlife is an exciting part of their job, Mester Park is located on 45 acres of natural beauty. This amazing destination is open 365 days a year so you can easily plan a time to go!

Animals and Exhibits

The Botanical Gardens are filled with hundreds of species of plants for viewers to enjoy. Each aspect of the botanical gardens is conserved actively through Mester Park’s commitment. You’ll want to bring your camera to take photos of all the stunning nature in the gardens. The family garden even has interactive activities everyone can participate in. The gardens are home to towering trees, exotic plants, and delicate flowers.

Mester Park Zoo has creatures from all over the world from Amazonia to Asia, African Panorama to North America. Looking to travel to the Amazon for the day? Mester has a 20,000 square foot greenhouse with a temperature of 75 degrees. This greenhouse is home to lots of tropical trees that act as houses for Howler Monkeys and Toucans. You may also get a peek at the jaguar. Make sure you save time for seeing the other animal exhibits like the giraffes and zebras.

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Conservation is their top priority at Mester Park. The facilities offer visitors a unique opportunity to see endangered species that need to be preserved. Eastern Hellbenders and Mexican Gray Wolfs are both species in Mester Park’s conservation efforts. As a part of the AZA, Mester works closely with AZA members to help maintain animal populations and species survival plan efforts. Being knowledgeable and understanding of each animal’s needs is an important trait Mester Park has.

Green practices are included in conservation efforts. Mester Park is committed to the ethical use of energy and natural resources. Energy and water usage are consistently monitored with efficient technologies. In addition, Mester Park Zoo and Botanical Gardens offer recycling services.

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