Welcome October With These Fall Activities

Father and sons in pumpkin patch field

There’s so much to love about October. The weather’s a little cooler, the leaves are changing, and Halloween is right around the corner. Plus, there are tons of quintessential fall activities for you to enjoy. Let’s go over some ideas so you can fill your schedule with fun things to do.

Wind Through a Corn Maze and Pick a Pumpkin

When corn mazes and pumpkin patches open, you know fall has officially arrived. Some farms have both in one spot, including Trunnell’s Family Fun Acre and Farm Market. Put on some shoes that can weather the outdoors, and then head over. Hit the corn maze first, and then pick out your pumpkin. This is so much fun, even if you don’t have kids.

Whip Up a Pumpkin Pie

Autumn is the time to celebrate (and eat) all things pumpkin, including pie. You don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving to take out your pumpkin pie recipe. Give it a practice run now while you don’t have to share it with your aunts, uncles, and cousins. Now, you will have to share it with the people in your house, but there should be plenty to go around.

Entertain Your Inner Child by Jumping in Leaves

Raking leaves is one of the most common chores during the fall, and it’s not a ton of fun. Fortunately, you can add a dash of excitement by raking a pile of leaves and jumping in it. You probably haven’t done that since you were a child, and you’ll experience the same thrill. However, you do need to make sure it’s clear of sticks and rocks before jumping. Those objects might not have hurt much as a kid, but they leave a mark when you’re an adult.

Collect Pinecones for Crafting

If you enjoy crafting, go out and collect some pinecones. Then, bring the haul home and use them to make ornaments or bird feeders. You can also put them in a glass bowl as a decoration. Nothing says “fall has arrived” quite like pinecones in your house.

Take in the Changing Leaves

The leaves are gorgeous in October, so take a hike to see them. Bring your phone along so you can snap some photos of the various colors. The colors might not pop quite as much in photographs, but the images will still be a nice keepsake of your fall outing.

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Get Ready for Halloween

You can also do a few things to get into the Halloween spirit. Go to a haunted house or have a scary movie night at home. You can also use the time to start thinking about costumes for your family. By preparing early, you’ll be ready when the big day arrives.

These activities will make it easy to celebrate fall. You will immerse yourself in the season and might even start a new tradition or two.

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