Take Flight When You See ‘Finding Neverland’ At The RiverPark Center

Finding Neverland

Have you been wanting to see an exciting performance lately? Well, you’re in luck because one of the biggest shows of the season is coming to the Owensboro area. “Finding Neverland” is a huge hit, and it’s perfect for the kid in everyone. Whether you’ve already seen this musical several times or it’s your first time going to see it live, you’re in for a real treat when you buy tickets. Get your family and friends together, buy your tickets, and make plans to catch this remarkable performance. It’s going to be awesome.

Performance Details

You only have one shot to see this performance locally, so you have to get the performance details as soon as possible. It’s all going down on Tuesday, February 18, and the show will run from 7 to 9 p.m. That makes it perfect for an after-work adventure. The performance will take place at the RiverPark Center right here in Owensboro, making it convenient for most people who live in the area. You can get your tickets today, and the easiest way to purchase them is online. This event is heating up fast, and lots of people want to go, so it’s in your best interest to buy your tickets as soon as possible. You don’t want to miss out, after all.

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What’s It About?

If you don’t know anything about this musical yet, you may want to get the scoop on it before you make plans to see it live. Basically, it’s the story behind one of the most beloved characters of all time, Peter Pan. It’s a real treat to see live, and you may even want to bring your family members or friends along with you when you go.

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