Hobbies To Try This Winter

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Winter is still here and the cold weather makes it impossible to stay outside. With the holidays now over, and spring not yet poking through, boredom can set in. Have some fun this winter, and try these hobbies from Steph Social! Get creative, get artsy, and make the best you for this year.


Pick up a new skill and learn how to crochet. Crocheting is a super fun hobby, plus it is super relaxing. Make a hat while you watch TV or get started on some fun gifts for the year!  Jewelry making is a hobby that you might not have done since junior high but is still just as fun. Make more complex pieces now that you are older with beads and more!

Bettering Yourself

Start off the new year by learning a new language. Having multiple languages under your belt is great for a resume, but also for challenging your mind.  If your handwriting is not pretty, take up a course to make your print neater. Or, have fun with a calligraphy class!

Yoga is a great hobby to intentionally better yourself, your mind and your body. Relax with yoga to clear your head and strengthen your core. Journaling is a fantastic way to keep up with goals and any New Year resolutions. Or, use journaling to get into a good mood at the start of your day and to be intentional with time for yourself.


Origami can be a fun hobby for just you or the whole family. There are so many tutorials online to help you get started, plus it can be a really fun activity to teach your kids! Painting is great to let out your more creative side. You can take classes, watch videos online, or just paint whatever you want. However you paint, this is a great hobby for the winter.

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Succulent Garden

Start off small and easy with a succulent garden. Succulents are great indoor plants because they need little water, a lot of sunlight, and a pot that drains well. Get a few and pop them in front of a window and start a new hobby!

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