Handy Uses For Lemons Around The House

Lemons and oranges cut

You know that lemons add some flavor to food and drinks, but that’s far from all they offer. This citrus fruit is incredibly versatile, and it can help you clean, freshen up your house, and more. Check out some cool and unique ways you can use lemons around your home.

Clean Your Microwave With Lemon Slices

Does cleaning the microwave seem like an impossible chore? From spilled sauces to explosions, it’s easy to get a microwave dirty and much harder to clean. Actually, that’s not really the truth. It’s easy to clean when you use lemons.

First, take out a bowl and add some water. Then, slice up some lemons and throw them into the bowl. Next, put the bowl in the microwave and set the timer to five minutes. When the timer goes off, use a paper towel to wipe out your microwave. It’ll be clean as a whistle, and it’ll smell nice, too.

Brighten Your Whites With Lemon Juice

Keeping your white clothing bright is a challenge, even when you use bleach. Plus, bleach is hard on fabric and makes your clothes feel stiff. Instead of reaching for the bleach, grab some lemon juice. Just put a bit of the juice in your load to make your whites gleam.

Keep Produce Fresh With Lemon Juice

Don’t you hate it when you cut an avocado, banana, or apple, and it turns brown before you can eat it all? If you want to save half for later, squeeze lemon juice onto the exposed insides. It’ll keep it fresh, so you can gobble it up later. Of course, it’ll taste a little lemony, but just on the exposed area. You can slice that off to remove the lemony flavor.

Make Your Silverware Shine With Lemon Juice

Do you feel embarrassed when you take out dingy silverware? The dishwasher doesn’t make it shine, but lemon juice can. Add some lemon juice to warm water and then use it to polish silverware and other stainless-steel items.

Freshen up the Fridge With Lemons

You can even use lemons to get rid of smells in your refrigerator. Juice half of a lemon and place it in a bowl. Make sure the cut side is up. Then, pop the bowl in the fridge and come back in a few hours. Your refrigerator should smell fresh and lemony.

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Use Dry Lemon Peels for the Fire

Okay, it might not be fire season quite yet, but keep this tip in your back pocket for the winter. Add some dry lemon peels to your logs when starting a fire, and it’ll flame right up. Even better, it’ll make your fire smell like lemons along with burning wood. That’s an easy way to freshen up your house during the winter.

These household hacks will make your life easier and fresher. Thus, keep some lemons handy so that you can use them throughout your home.

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