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Choosing the right body shop is critical after you’ve been in an accident. A top-notch shop will restore your car to like-new condition and make the process a breeze. Owensboro drivers have discovered that collision centers at dealerships are the right choice. Let’s go over some reasons that you should take your car to a dealership for repairs.

The Best Technicians, Tools, and Parts

There are three components involved in collision repair: technicians, tools, and parts. When you take your car to a dealership, you’ll have access to the best of all three. The technicians at dealerships have the training and experience needed to handle even the most challenging collision repairs. They also have access to state-of-the-art tools, plus OEM parts and components.

Fast Repairs

Because dealerships keep a vast inventory of parts and components in stock, the technicians can repair vehicles faster than many of the other body shops out there. Some body shops have to order parts and wait days or weeks for them to arrive. Technicians at dealerships can just check the inventory and grab the part.

If your car requires an uncommon part, the technician might have to place an order, but that’s even faster at the dealership. The technician can use the dealership’s network of contacts to get it quickly. You want your car back soon, and dealerships do everything possible to make that happen.

Hassle-free Repairs

Working with the insurance company after an accident can be a hassle. You know that your repairs are covered, but it can seem like you get the runaround every time you call. Some body shops make customers handle insurance companies themselves, but that’s not the case when you take your car to a dealership. The staff at dealerships has experience working with insurance companies, and they’ll handle it for you. After preparing the estimate, a member of the team will contact the insurance company to get approval. This makes it so much easier to get repairs after an accident.

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Convenient Hours

Dealerships also offer convenient hours. For example, you can drop your car off early in the morning or on your way home from work. You can even take your car in on a Saturday. Also, because the collision center is open six days a week, you know that your car will get plenty of attention until it’s fixed.

If you need collision repair, get an estimate from Don Moore Automotive in Owensboro, Kentucky. Our collision center has experienced technicians who can restore your car to like-new condition. We have a massive inventory of parts, and we work on all makes and models. Plus, we will work with the insurance company for you. Contact us today to schedule an estimate.

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