Meet Kyle Schwarber at DingerFest 2018

Kyle Schwarber at Dinergfest

Each year, the people of Owensboro look forward to DingerFest. This annual event brings in some of the biggest names in baseball, and this year’s festival will have one of the biggest names of them all. Kyle Schwarber will be at the Owensboro Convention Center for DingerFest 2018. Schwarber skyrocketed to international fame after helping the Chicago Cubs win the 2016 World Series, and now you have the chance to meet him. Details are coming soon, but if it’s anything like DingerFest 2017, there will be general admission and VIP tickets available, and a good time will be had by all.

How DingerFest Works

Kyle Schwarber also headlined DingerFest 2017. Last year, general admission tickets included an autographed Kyle Schwarber photo, cash bar, question and answer session, and silent auction. VIP ticket holders got their picture taken with the legend himself, and they also received a commemorative lanyard signed by Schwarber. Plus, they received free beer and light appetizers. If this year’s package is anything like last year’s, consider upgrading to VIP. It’ll provide you with an amazing experience.

The Question and Answer Session

DingerFest always includes a question and answer session, and it’ll be the highlight of the event. There are so many things to ask Kyle Schwarber. If you get the chance, you can ask him how he managed to come back from what should have been a season-ending knee injury to help his team win the World Series in 2016. Lots of insiders think the Cubs wouldn’t have won if he hadn’t been available to DH. That feat alone means he will be a Chicago legend for life.

You can also ask him about those Babe Ruth comparisons. What other modern-day player gets compared to Babe Ruth after having just a few seasons under his belt?

You can even ask him about his recent physical transformation. He’s lost around 20 pounds since the end of the 2017 season. Kyle Schwarber was already a man for pitchers to fear. Now, he’s in better shape than ever, so he’s going to be a real terror at the plate.

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