Get Ready For A Glamourous Evening At The Murder Mystery Masquerade Ball

Murder Mystery Masquerade Ball

Murder. Mystery. Mayhem. Plus, a little bit of Valentine’s romance. You can expect all that and so much more at the Murder Mystery Masquerade Ball at White Chateau at Cecil Farms. This glamorously spooky event will be on Feb. 16 from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., and tickets are $55 a person. There are only 125 tickets available, so act quickly so you can get a seat.

Once your seat is secured, get ready for a night like no other.

How It Works

You’ll be a guest of the Billionaires’ Club Annual Masquerade Ball. The ball will start out like normal, with masked guests interacting with each other. Shortly after you arrive, though, there will be a murder, and it’ll be up to you to unmask the killer. You’ll need to gather information and swap clues with other attendees in an effort to hunt down the killer. You need to act quickly, or you could be next.

The Party

You won’t just be solving the mystery, though. The food and drinks will also be flowing at this high-class ball. The catered dinner buffet will include chicken, pulled pork, and lots of sides. Just make sure you keep working as you grab your food. The person loading up a plate next to you might be the killer.

There will also be a cash bar available. The bar is always a good place to mingle and gather information. Someone might just slip up and give you an important clue as you wait for your drink.

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What to Wear

This is going to be a fancy ball, so wear your best. That means ball gowns for the ladies and tuxes for the gents. Also, don’t forget your Venetian mask. That’ll add to the mystery of the evening.

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