Overflow Café Combines Coffee and Charity

Overflow Café

Every day, you eat lunch, drink coffee, and maybe even indulge in a dessert. You can make those habits mean something by picking up your coffee, lunch, and snacks at the Overflow Café. You will come in empty and leave full thanks to this café’s mission to help others. Get the details on this unique café, and then get ready to help the community one cup of joe at a time.

Every Bite Counts at Overflow

Every bite counts at the Overflow Café because the restaurant pays it forward. Every time you make a purchase at the café, a portion of it goes to local charities. Every cup of coffee, every sandwich, and every mouthwatering dessert goes to help those in need. That’s a great reason to get a second slice of pie at this café. Talk about guilt-free eating.

Food for All Tastes

Let’s start this off with a sentence you need to remember. The chicken salad sandwiches are amazing. Seriously, these sandwiches are in a class of their own. The chicken salad is made with a secret recipe, so you can’t make it at home. These sandwiches alone are worth a trip to the café.

Oh, and the desserts. They’re all made from scratch, and they’re melt-in-your-mouth good. It’s hard to make up your mind when it comes to picking a dessert, so get the dessert bar sampler. You’ll get four bite-sized desserts. They’re all delicious, but try to beat the brownie. It’s not easy to do.

You also can’t beat the coffee. The Americano will give you quite a jolt. It goes down nice and smooth, and it will provide you with the energy you need. Of course, if you need an extra boost, you can’t go wrong with the Red Eye. It’s a coffee with an extra shot of espresso. It’ll definitely do the trick.

Cozy Atmosphere

While there is a drive-thru, it’s worth going inside and enjoying the cozy atmosphere. There is always good music playing at the café, and the free Wi-Fi makes it a nice place to hang out. You’ll want to stay for a while, so bring your friends along and catch up over food and coffee.

The Overflow Café is located at Don Moore Chevrolet in Owensboro, Kentucky. It is owned by the dealership’s owners, and it illustrates their commitment to serving the community. You can also see that commitment when you shop at the dealership. With fair pricing and a commitment to service, you will come out a winner when you shop at Don Moore Automotive.

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