Make Plans to Attend Preservation Station Market Days

Market Days at Preservation Station

There’s one time a month where new meets old in Owensboro. At Preservation Station Market Days, you can find treasures ranging from present-day trends to antique finds. It’s a wonderful way for members of every generation of the family to get together and connect over discovering new items and meeting new people. Make sure you make plans to attend this monthly event. You’ll return home with great items and even better memories.

Market Days

On the first weekend of every month, come to Preservation Station to experience the magic of Market Days. You’ll be able to shop anywhere from 60 to 120 individual vendors. The wares include antique, vintage, primitive, industrial, rustic, shabby-chic, hand-crafted, customized, and boutique merchandise. This is one of the most eclectic mixes of shopping you’ll find on this side of Kentucky. Along with shopping, there are plenty of food vendors. Snack on pizza, soup, sandwiches, and more. You’ll also get to enjoy some music while you shop.

Preservation Station

It’s not hard to figure out the root of Preservation Station’s name when you learn its history. The center is the former West Louisville Elementary School. When owners Jennifer Higdon and Deborah Coomes heard that the school was going up for auction back in 2012, they knew it was time to pursue their dreams. The mother-daughter-duo bought the school and turned it into the thriving business space that it is today.

Market Days occurs at the first of the month, but there’s plenty to do here any day of the week. For a new cut, color, or ‘do, visit the aptly-named Old School Salon. Walk-ins are welcome, along with appointments.

For more shopportunities, visit one of the many shops offering rustic, antique, and hand-crafted merchandise. Places like Stella’s, The Kentucky Bookman, and Lucy West & Co. are a shopper’s dream.

Tips for Finding the Best Deals

With so much to choose from at Market Days, it can be hard to find the best of the best. Keep these tips in mind while you’re browsing the booths at Preservation Station.

  • Ask about the history. Vendors often can tell you a lot more about an item than its tag can, especially in the case of vintage or handmade goods.
  • Negotiate. If you see something you love, but don’t quite have the funds, it never hurts to try negotiating. Vendors are more likely to meet you at a price at events like these as opposed to a traditional retail store.
  • Take the time to investigate. It can pay off to dig deeper at Market Days. Items may get hidden or may not be shown in their full glory. Really investigate pieces, and think of creative uses for them.

Don Moore Automotive

After you’ve collected your treasures at Preservation Station Market Days, head to a Don Moore Automotive location to see the deals you can score here, too.

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