Fun School Supplies For Your Teen’s Backpack

school supplies

If you have a teen who’s about to head back to school, you may be finding that back-to-school shopping isn’t as fun as it used to be. You’ve been there, done that. And so have they. Adding a few little “happies” to their boring supply requirements is a great way to introduce some excitement into the humdrum of going back to school. Here are a few ideas.

Pencil Cases

It’s easy for small items, like pencils and paper clips, to get lost in the recesses of a backpack. So why not contain them in style? A fun pencil case will not only keep your teen organized. It’s also a way for them to express themselves.


Notebooks can be useful for so much more than jotting notes in class. Pick up a cool multi-purpose notebook they can use to doodle, draw, or fill with stickers. You may even find one that does double duty with a pencil pouch to hold writing utensils.


It’s a always a struggle to make learning fun. These scented highlighters might be just intriguing enough to trick even the most stubborn student into cracking open a book.


Keeping loose papers contained is a never-ending challenge. These decorative file folders are an excellent way to keep homework organized and looking presentable for when it’s time to turn it in. Get a set with holes so they can gather them all into a binder for even more organization.


The new school year brings with it a lot of after-school activities and other obligations to keep track of. Start good organizational habits by giving your teen their own planner where they can record and keep up with their schedule. Pick one that runs concurrent with the school year, rather than the calendar.

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Lunch Bags

Lunch boxes have come a long way from the clunky metal superhero ones we carried as kids. Get your teen a fancy insulated lunch bag that lets them bring their lunch to school in style. Maybe they’ll even start packing it themselves.

Adding a few fun items to your teen’s supply list is a great way to make back-to-school more exciting. We hope they (and you) have a great year!

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