See Whiskey Myers At Marina Pointe

Whiskey Myers

What can you get for $15? A cheap meal at a local restaurant, maybe. Oh, and you can get tickets to the latest blockbuster at the local theater. That’s all great, but what about live music? Can you really see a concert for as little as $15? Yep, you can, and not just any concert. Whiskey Myers is coming to KC’s Marina Pointe on Aug. 2, and tickets are only $15 if you buy them in advance. This is seriously one of the hottest bands around right now, so this might be your last chance to see it for such a low price. Pick up your tickets while there are still some left.

The Whiskey Myers Experience

Whiskey Myers paid its dues before hitting the big time. The guys opened for legends like Hank Williams Jr. and Lynyrd Skynyrd, and it’s clear they learned a lot while on the road. They learned quite a bit about southern rock and what a crowd wants when it pays the price of admission.

Just what does the crowd want when it comes to a Whiskey Myers concert? Well, variety for starters. The band is known for playing everything from traditional southern rock to rock that is close to metal. You’ll also get a nice dose of hard rock thrown in for good measure.

The guys are also known for some killer guitar solos, especially on the fast-paced hit “How Far.” It’s not unusual to see fans reaching for their cellphones to record Cody Tate and John Jeffers duel on the guitar. You’ll also want to capture Jon Knudson’s fiddle solo on this song. Knudson just became a full-time member of the band, and his fiddling adds a new dimension to the live show.

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High-Octane Fun

Lead singer Cody Cannon is tasked with pacing the show, and he does an amazing job. This guy is high energy, and he barely even takes a break to get a sip of water during the performance. He will take you from one song to the next, and he shows great range. One moment, he’s a melodic storyteller, and the next minute, he’s shouting out a rock song. It really is impressive.

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