The Best Camping Spots In Owensboro


Camping: A lost art. Or is it? Throughout the years, the concept of camping has drastically changed. This, in part, is due to technology, the internet, and new inventions that aim for comfort and easy access. Some might say there’s nothing wrong with that – that camping can be whatever you want it to be. Others, however, say that camping is more about the experience.

No matter what type of camping experience you enjoy, one thing is certain: It all relies on the outdoors. From s’mores to kayaks, camping trips are about enjoying one another while taking advantage of everything nature has to offer. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Kentucky when you visit one of these camping spots in Owensboro.

Diamond Lake Resort & Campground

If you’re searching for a fancy camping experience, you’ll enjoy the Diamond Lake Resort & Campground. For RV owners, you’ll have plenty of room to park your RV on the campground. Once you’re there, you’ll quickly realize how much the Diamond Lake Resort & Campground has to offer.

To get a better idea of the layout, view the resort map. Enjoy activities such as basketball, cornhole tournaments, mini golf, and more. At the Diamond Lake Resort & Campground, you’ll have an experience that encompasses the camping spirit – outdoor activities, fishing, and more.

Windy Hollow Campground & Recreational Area

At the Windy Hollow Campground & Recreational Area, you’ll have more of a traditional camping experience. This secluded campground in Owensboro is a perfect place for families to make memories and leave the world, including the internet and technology gadgets, behind. While here, you can also enjoy a variety of activities such as swimming, a water slide, fishing, and a 40-foot barbecue pit.

Short-term and long-term camping options are available. Short-term camping options include lakefront views, 175 sites to choose from, hiking trails, fishing, and more. Enjoy making s’mores with your kids, relaxing around the fire with your spouse, or catching fish with your buddies during your annual camping trip.

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