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Fun Facts About Owensboro, KY

Outdoor BBQ Grill w/Flame
Even if you’ve lived in Owensboro your entire life, there’s still probably quite a bit you don’t know about the city. Check out some fun facts about Owensboro to gain insight into the place you love. Then you can quiz your friends and family to find out how much they... [read more]

Send The Kids To Harry Potter-Themed Summer Camp

Harry Potter
When it comes to pop culture, there are countless movies, music, books, and television shows that people love. From The Wizard of Oz to The Hunger Games and everything in between, it’s apparent that certain stories not only hold our attention but affect our lives as well. Whether you’re a... [read more]

Don Moore Automotive Sponsors Sutton Elementary

Sutton Elementary
At Don Moore Automotive, we pride ourselves on being great members of the community. Our business has been a part of Owensboro and the surrounding areas since 1919. We’re proud of that history and excited to continue a legacy of supporting the community. We’ve sponsored events and sports leagues and served... [read more]

Don’t Miss The Owensboro Air Show

Air Show
The sky – limitless, abundant, and sometimes, fun. Some people enjoy airplanes and the fun they bring. Others have been fascinated with aircraft from an early age. If you enjoy aircraft, you’ll love seeing the outstanding performances at the Owensboro Air Show. About the Event The Owensboro Air Show will be held... [read more]

The Best Camping Spots In Owensboro

Camping: A lost art. Or is it? Throughout the years, the concept of camping has drastically changed. This, in part, is due to technology, the internet, and new inventions that aim for comfort and easy access. Some might say there’s nothing wrong with that – that camping can be whatever... [read more]

2018 International Bar-B-Q Festival

You know when something’s been around for 40 years, it’s a big hit. That’s certainly the case with the International Bar-B-Q Festival. It’s coming to Owensboro for its 40th year on May 11 and 12. This year’s festival is packed with events that you’re sure to love. Get the details... [read more]

Cork and Cuisine Derby at Owensboro Convention Center

Cork & Cuisine Derby
The Kentucky Derby is on May 5, and you can enjoy a little pre-Derby fun at the Cork and Cuisine Derby at the Owensboro Convention Center. This Derby-themed event will be on May 3 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., and it will be full of fun. Tickets are $65.25... [read more]

Owensboro’s Best Plant Nurseries + Tips for Your Garden

Warm weather means more than just sunlight. It means fresh air, spring flowers, and fresh fruits and veggies. In order to make the most of the warm weather, why not try something new this year? Starting a garden can be a fun adventure, especially with all the ways you can... [read more]