Visit One Of Kentucky’s Best Candy Shops

Chocolate collection on a silk and shiny background

According to the Swedish botanist Linnaeus, chocolate is the “food of the gods.” Once you’ve tried one of Kentucky’s best candy shops, we think you might agree with him. Andria’s Candies is an award-winning chocolate shop located right here in Owensboro, KY. Southern Living® recognized this local sweet shop as a favorite in 2003, and you’ll only need one bite of their confectionary delights to understand why.

A History of Chocolate

Andria’s Candies first opened its doors in 1959 but the artisans in the candy shop have a long history with chocolate. These chocolate-making gurus follow a tradition of candy making that’s more than a century old.  It started with Greek candy-makers who immigrated to the United States in 1906. They’ve continued to craft some of the best chocolates available. They serve coffee, espresso drinks, and an assortment of chocolate candies.

What to Try at Andria’s Candies

Andria’s Candies is best known for its Kentucky Balls which are made by rolling buttercream and pecans into bite-sized balls and enrobing them in gourmet chocolate. But there is a lot more to try at this candy shop. There are three different flavors of their buttery brittles and each one is a delight. Order a 10-ounce bag of their coconut cashew brittle, roasted cashew brittle, or glazed pecan brittle. Or, you can order one of Andria’s Candies’ specialty boxes:

  • Chocolate Assortment: This box is a hand-selected smorgasbord of several chocolatey favorites such as chocolate-covered nuts, toffees, or creams.
  • Mello Mints: These little squares of minty chocolate are made with dark chocolate, milk chocolate, coconut oil, and pure peppermint oil.
  • Truffles: Truffles are a favorite all over the world. But Andria’s Candies’ truffles are a true delight.
  • Malt Balls: These sweet balls of malted milk are triple-dipped in chocolate to give your taste buds a heavenly experience.

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When to Visit Andria’s Candies

Andria’s Candies is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. but you don’t have to visit the storefront to try a few of their candies. Andria’s Candies takes call-in orders at 270-684-3733. They’ll even mail orders to your entire Christmas list or your special someone on Valentine’s Day.

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