What To Bring When Purchasing A Car From A Dealership

The prospect of jumping behind the wheel of a new vehicle is exciting; however, the actual process of purchasing a vehicle can be daunting and confusing at best. That’s because there’s an array of paperwork that you need to sort through as you navigate the financial and ownership process.

You can avoid that confusion if you know what to bring, which is why we have created a new car purchase checklist to better help you ease through the shopping experience.

Purchase Checklist

  1. Proof of Insurance – Proof of insurance is required in most states. Be sure to call your insurance agency to remove your old vehicle and to add your new vehicle to your policy. Bring your current proof of insurance to the dealer when you purchase a vehicle.
  2. Your Driver’s License – The dealership will need to see that you are legally allowed to drive before you buy. You will also need it for a test drive and proof of residence.
  3. Recent Pay Stubs – You will need to be required to show proof of your recent employment. Bring several of your most recent pay stubs.
  4. Form of Payment – You want to have your payment ready, be it check, cash, or loan. Be prepared to pay a down payment, as well. Ask the dealer’s finance department what documents you need.
  5. Credit Score and History – Be sure to know your credit score before you go in.
  6. Recent Utility Bills – You will need to provide current proof of residence if you have moved within the past year. Bring a couple of utility bills that are dated within the past month.

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How To Buy A Car

The step that you need to take is thoroughly to research what vehicle works best for you. Once you happen up the perfect vehicle, run over to our dealership, call your insurance agent, and build a budget. Our team at Don Moore Automotive is eager to serve you!

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