Who Has The Best Tacos In Owensboro?

Tacos in Owensboro

Sometimes, you just have a craving for something specific. And during the summer, that something specific may just be tacos. There’s something that’s just so delicious about tacos. They’re filled with protein and veggies and topped with salsa or some other amazing sauce. Plus, you can eat a lot of them without getting too full. If you’re starting to feel the taco craving yourself, you may be wondering where you should go to get your hands on some. Well, there are lots of taco places to check out in the Owensboro area – you just have to know where you’re going. You can’t go wrong with any of the following restaurants.

Don Mario Autentica Taqueria Mexica

It’s not every day that you find an authentic Mexican restaurant, but that’s exactly what you’re going to get when you pay a visit to Don Mario Autentica Taqueria Mexica. This place may not look fancy, but you sure are going to love the tacos. You can get whatever you want in them. You definitely have to try the fish tacos. Oh, and don’t forget about the salsa. It’s one of the most popular menu items for a reason.

Mi Ranchito Restaurante Mixicano

If you have ever been to Mexico, then you know that it’s known for its incredible street food. You can always find a stall on the street selling delicious tacos and other amazing treats. However, it’s not often that you find a real Mexican street food restaurant here in the States. Unless, of course, you go to Mi Ranchito Restaurante Mixicano. You may not get chips and salsa brought out to your table like a Mexican restaurant that you’re used to, but you’re going to absolutely fall in love with Mexican street food once you try this place out.

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Real Hacienda Mexican Restaurant

Are you searching for a sit-down restaurant where you can enjoy your tacos while you hang out? Then Real Hacienda Mexican Restaurant may just be the place for you. The service here is incredible, and the staff members are incredibly nice. Plus, the atmosphere provides you with a nice space to just relax and enjoy your company while you chow down on some of the best tacos in town.

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