Cork and Cuisine Derby at Owensboro Convention Center

Cork & Cuisine Derby

The Kentucky Derby is on May 5, and you can enjoy a little pre-Derby fun at the Cork and Cuisine Derby at the Owensboro Convention Center. This Derby-themed event will be on May 3 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., and it will be full of fun. Tickets are $65.25 a person, and that includes wine and spirits. Be sure to pick up some tickets so you can enjoy food, drinks, and tons of fun.

Derby-Themed Courses

What’s the next best thing to attending the Kentucky Derby? Eating Derby-themed courses at the Cork and Cuisine Derby. The wait staff will bring out multiple courses, and each one will have a Derby theme. One course will include Kentucky Legend ham with fig and cherry Chutney, while another will be mint julip fried chicken. Oh, and here’s the kicker: The Derby is a big party, and parties typically include drinks. Well, every course will include its own wine or spirit pairing. If you’re like most people, you’re far from an expert when it comes to pairing wine and spirits. Here, the staff will do the hard work for you.

Derby Trivia

Do you know your Derby trivia? Now is your chance to show it off at the event. There will be trivia throughout the evening, and you can win some prizes. Let’s see, what could they ask you?

The organizers might ask you about that famous photograph entitled “The Fighting Finish.” The photo was snapped at the 1933 Derby during the tight race between Head Play and Brokers Tip. Brokers Tip won in the end, but it was really tight. It’s possible that one of the trivia questions might be how many Derbies Brokers Tip won. The answer to that would be one. It’s true. The champion only won the 1933 Kentucky Derby.

Maybe they’ll ask you about Dancer’s Image, the horse that won the 1968 Derby. His celebration didn’t last very long, and you might be asked why. You’d need to say that he tested positive for bute. Bute is an anti-inflammatory drug, and the colt was disqualified.

These are just a couple of the possible trivia questions. Be sure to brush up on your trivia prior to the event.

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