Enjoy The Food And Ambiance At The Miller House

Sliced steak Ribeye
You know that a restaurant is worth a visit when people can’t stop raving about it. That’s the case with The Miller House. This buzz-worthy eatery receives tons of word-of-mouth recommendations, and it’s thriving. Find out why people love this Owensboro restaurant, and then reserve a table. Refined and Cozy Atmosphere It’s... [read more]

Lease Your Dream Ride From Don Moore Automotive

Man signing car insurance document or lease paper
Have you been dreaming of a new car, but your budget won’t allow it? If so, leasing might be the right option for you. Leasing a vehicle will enable you to drive a new car for less, so you don’t have to put off upgrading your ride. Learn more about... [read more]

Summertime Calls For A Kale Salad

kale and quinoa salad
Kale salads have quickly become a top choice in the summertime. They provide lots of energy and help you stay full while running from activity to activity. Then, of course, they are delicious. What you might not realize is kale salads are also versatile. There are tons of options available,... [read more]

Swap Out The Hardware On Your Dressers For A Fresh Look

Wooden drawer shelves with metal handles closeup
You don’t necessarily need to replace a dresser that looks outdated. Instead, you can refresh it by adding a fresh coat of paint and then swapping the drawer knobs and drawer pulls. It’s relatively easy to do, and it will make your dresser look much more modern. Get the details,... [read more]

How To Tell If You Need New Tires

Car close up of tires
The tires might not be the flashiest feature on your car, but they play a vital role. A good set of tires will help your vehicle perform at optimal levels and keep you safe on the road, which means you can start to experience performance problems and safety issues when... [read more]

DIY Beach Towels For Your Kids

Woman's hat and towel sitting by the pool
Sometimes, the smallest things can turn a standard trip to the beach into a memorable one. That’s certainly the case when you throw these DIY beach towels into your bag. These towels will add some personality to your beach trip and put a smile on your kids’ faces. Plus, they... [read more]

Make Your Favorite Milk Bar Recipes At Home

Homemade cinnamon bread
Milk Bar’s sweet treats are among the best you’ll ever eat. Right now, there aren’t any Milk Bar locations in Owensboro or the rest of Kentucky, leaving you with two options to enjoy one of these delicious desserts. You can order online and have the dessert shipped to you, or... [read more]

Sell Your Car Near Owensboro, KY

Shot of a happy young man cleaning his car with microfiber cloth on a sunny day.
For most people in Owensboro, Kentucky, there comes a time when it makes sense to part ways with a vehicle. Whether you want to upgrade to something newer or your ride simply isn't meeting your needs any longer, selling a car can present some challenges. We understand, you want to... [read more]

Add Marcella Hazan’s Tomato Sauce To Your Menu This Week

Fresh vibrant red tomato sauce on penne pasta.
Have you ever had a dish of pasta that just seemed to be missing something? Perhaps it was the wrong collection of spices, or maybe the noodles weren’t cooked well. Chances are the sauce wasn’t right, either. A good sauce can turn just about any pasta recipe into a winner.... [read more]

No Meat? No Problem – Try These Veggie Pastas

plate of spinach spaghetti
What’s for dinner? For some, it’s a nagging question that causes more annoyance and stress than anything. You don’t have to let mealtime be stressful, especially if you can learn to be creative. With that being said, when it comes to pasta, there are limitless possibilities. You may think a... [read more]