Get Your Comfort Food Fix At Cheddar’s

female friends laughing while eating burgers and fries in a restaurant
Do you need some comfort food to decompress after a long day? If so, The Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen is the place for you. While some restaurants open cans and packages to prepare meals, they make the food from scratch here. Now the only question is, what should you order? While... [read more]

When To Fix Up And When To Trade In

Car mechanic is holding a wrench ready to check the engine
When your car breaks down, you have a big decision to make. Should you pay to get your car repaired or buy a new one? Let’s go over some factors to consider when deciding to fix it up or trade it. The Number of Repairs Does it seem like you’re constantly going... [read more]

Handy Uses For Lemons Around The House

Lemons and oranges cut
You know that lemons add some flavor to food and drinks, but that’s far from all they offer. This citrus fruit is incredibly versatile, and it can help you clean, freshen up your house, and more. Check out some cool and unique ways you can use lemons around your home. Clean... [read more]

Chill In The Shade Of These Outdoor Attractions

woman sitting in shade under tree
It might be hot outside, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors. Instead, you can hang out in the shade at a popular Owensboro attraction. Get the details on the best places for staying cool in the summer. These places provide more than a reprieve from the heat.... [read more]

Your Go-To Body Shop In Owensboro

car maintenance and repair
Choosing the right body shop is critical after you’ve been in an accident. A top-notch shop will restore your car to like-new condition and make the process a breeze. Owensboro drivers have discovered that collision centers at dealerships are the right choice. Let’s go over some reasons that you should... [read more]

Try This Craft to Freshen Up Your Space

Painted DIY vases
Do you have an abundance of glass vases, and you aren’t sure what to do with them? You can transform them in an instant with spray paint. Check out two simple ways to paint glass vases. These simple projects will turn your vases from blah to stylish. Transform Your Vase With... [read more]

Enjoy The Food And Ambiance At The Miller House

Sliced steak Ribeye
You know that a restaurant is worth a visit when people can’t stop raving about it. That’s the case with The Miller House. This buzz-worthy eatery receives tons of word-of-mouth recommendations, and it’s thriving. Find out why people love this Owensboro restaurant, and then reserve a table. Refined and Cozy Atmosphere It’s... [read more]

Lease Your Dream Ride From Don Moore Automotive

Man signing car insurance document or lease paper
Have you been dreaming of a new car, but your budget won’t allow it? If so, leasing might be the right option for you. Leasing a vehicle will enable you to drive a new car for less, so you don’t have to put off upgrading your ride. Learn more about... [read more]

Summertime Calls For A Kale Salad

kale and quinoa salad
Kale salads have quickly become a top choice in the summertime. They provide lots of energy and help you stay full while running from activity to activity. Then, of course, they are delicious. What you might not realize is kale salads are also versatile. There are tons of options available,... [read more]

Swap Out The Hardware On Your Dressers For A Fresh Look

Wooden drawer shelves with metal handles closeup
You don’t necessarily need to replace a dresser that looks outdated. Instead, you can refresh it by adding a fresh coat of paint and then swapping the drawer knobs and drawer pulls. It’s relatively easy to do, and it will make your dresser look much more modern. Get the details,... [read more]